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Blocks all the hidden mining scripts with out removing other functionalities from the infected website!

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Blocks all active mining scripts on any website you are visiting.

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You will be notified whenever a website is trying to use scripts to mine.

Why use mining Blocker?

There are many ways to monetize a website, and there are advancements as well. We all know the most popular ways of monetization like Pop-up ads, Video Ads, Rich Content, etc. Recent news articles state that you might be a victim of CPU Mining and one can't say whether a site uses it or not. CPU Mining is a new way of monetizing websites and it is currently utilized by some of the most popular websites. They are using visitors CPU power to mine Cryptocurrency like Monero etc. The whole CPU Mining came to light when the torrent site "PirateBay" found using this method. So what is CPU Mining and how it works?


Cryptocurrency mining is there for a long time, and we know that miners use powerful GPU rigs to mine them. But there are some cryptocurrencies which can be mined using CPU power without the need of GPU. Majority of the cryptocurrencies won't have any profit when mined with CPU, but some like Monero can be mined with the help of CPU. They don't need GPU to mine the coins, and hence many are using extensive machines to mine them.

How are Websites using CPU Mining?

You might be wondering how can a site I visit mines on my computer? The thing is that the websites don't need full control of your pc to use the CPU. Most of the sites are using a javascript which runs in the background and uses the full power of your CPU. You won't even notice it as the website administrator took care of that by running low threads. There is no way you can tell the same unless you are having a peek at task manager whenever you visit a site. There are dozens of sites which are found using the CPU Mining scripts on their sites and some of them Pirate Bay, CBS Showtime, etc. So there isn't an exact way to determine which site is using CPU Mining and which isn't. To make it even easy for you, we developed No Mining plugin which will work as mining blocker on your browser.

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